October 19

How to Get Your Groom Involved

Wedding planning takes a lot of work (as we’re sure you know by now) and we often hear from brides-to-be who are looking for ways to get their guy more involved. So we turned to our Facebook community… and here’s what a few of our fans and followers had to say about how their beaus pitched in:

“He did the wedding website, we are doing the food tasting today, he is supportive on all my ideas, and he is keeping me grounded!” -Alexandra S

“I do 90% of the work. He gives input every now and then. He mainly says whatever you want to do which sometimes get on my nerves. But, since this is what I want to do for a living I get over it quickly and just enjoy myself. He will be going with me for the cake tasting and the food tasting. And, he does want to see the venue I chose.” -Patrice M

“He designed our invitations!! He is an artist so he is very involved. I love it.” -Kimberly D

“My groom has been awesome! He loves being involved in every decision. He’s been able to help me stay sane and helpful in deciding what to do.” -Angela R

“My fiance has been awesome! He is in charge of all music for ceremony/reception, he has provided his thoughts and input in all our decisions, even though what I really want is what we get.” -Natasha P

“My fiance has been so supportive and very involved—from making chalkboards, house cleaning and looking at flowers — love him more every day. But he does know I have the final say too ha ha…its 60/40” -Jill A

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