July 15

How Much is Too Much: Rant or Rave

Everybody knows that weddings aren’t cheap (to put it mildly). But the parties leading up to them can really add up for the guests. Gifts. Travel. Accommodations. Outfits. The list goes on. What do you think is too much? If the couple is having an out-of-town wedding is it too much to have a destination bachelorette party and expect people to come? Is bringing a gift for every event (engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding) too much or just plain courtesy?

We are so intrigued to find out what you guys thinkā€¦ so, go ahead, rant or rave!


One thought on “How Much is Too Much: Rant or Rave

  1. Julia Kuku Couture Invitations

    I am not sure about gifts for couples who have destination weddings. I guess it depends on how far away the destination is. If it is somewhere I can drive to and stay the weekend then I think a gift is still appropriate but if the guests have to take time off works, book flights etc then I don’t think a gift should be necessary.


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