October 26

Hot Trend: Balsa Wood Flowers

Looking for a way to make your bouquet unique, eco-friendly and easy to preserve? Balsa wood flowers might be the perfect solution. These delicate bouquets are handmade using ecologically sustainable timber that never wilts, dies or fades. They look absolutely stunning, and can be kept as a keepsake for years to come!




If you’re interested in balsa wood flowers for your ceremony, contact local florists to find out if there are any specialists in your area. You can also check with artists like Krislyn to order online!


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11 thoughts on “Hot Trend: Balsa Wood Flowers

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  2. Liza

    I would love to know who did this flower arrangement. I just came across balsa wood flowers at a store however they only had a small quantity left and i am desperate to get more!


    thank you for featuring my balsa wood flower and dusty miller bouquet in those first 2 photos! it was so fun to make and even though months have gone by since i created it, i still love seeing these images!!! xoxo, c

  4. Susan Winlaw

    The flowers are exquisite. Wonder if they will use them in a movie wedding to help reduce the wilting with many takes. This is beautifully green. Hope this catches on. S>

  5. Ginger Jeffries

    Hey, can you tell me what exactly about balsa wood flowers is eco-friendly? Every source I have investigated indicates that they are imported. Further, they are made from wood, which while not plastic, involves cutting down a tree some where. Pulp manufacturing plants and the process of making pulp is one of the largest contaminators of the environment. Most plants are located in countries where regulations and controls are below standards.

    If you have more information, I’d love to hear it, but do be cautious about throwing around the word “eco-friendly” without knowing what you are talking about.


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