July 29

Hosts on a Bridal Shower Invitation: Rant or Rave

It’s customary for the bridal party to host the bridal shower… but what happens with the invitation when the bridal party is more than just a few people? We’ve seen invitations that simply state “hosted by the bridal party” and then we’ve seen ones that have a roster of names taking up half the invitation. We can definitely see pros and cons for each. What would you do? Would you insist on having your name on the invite (even if it was one of many)? Would you go with something more generic for the sake of the aesthetic of the invite?

Let us know what you think. Is it tacky to have a laundry list of names? Is it only fair to include everyone? Rant or rave!


4 thoughts on “Hosts on a Bridal Shower Invitation: Rant or Rave

  1. Bethany

    Wow, this brings up memories of a big disaster! My sister got married a couple September’s ago, and had four bridesmaids, and me, the maid of honor.

    Two of the BM’s were her best friends from childhood whom she was very close with. One was a friend from college who lived in another state, halfway across the country. The last was her future brother in law’s brand new girlfriend. (Apparently my sister got drunk one night, met this new girlfriend for the first time and asked her to be her bridesmaid! Eek!)

    When it came time to send out the invites to the shower, she wrote “hosted by Bethany (me, MOH), Julie, and Jenny (the two childhood friends) knowing that the out-of-towner-BM wasn’t going to make it, and the brand-new-girlfriend had only recently been added to the party, and barely knew my sister… soo…. my sister left her off too. BIG mistake. (That was, I think, a bit thoughtless.)

    Brand-new-girlfriend FREAKED out, sent several long, rambling facebook messages to my sister, asking her why she didn’t want her included in the wedding plans, that maybe she didn’t want her to be part of the family, that she was, in fact, going to marry him (my sister’s future brother in law), so it was terribly rude not to get her name out there to the family, blah blah BLAH.

    She quit being a bridesmaid and after several other, crazy incidents (this girl turned out to legitimately be a bit nuts) she no longer even speaks to the entire family (though she is engaged to the now brother in law, who she has forbidden talk to his own family).

  2. Bride Support

    I think it’s a little bit ridiculous to list out more than 4 or 5 names, especially for the sake of aesthetics. However, I certainly don’t think it’s tacky to name out the people who are hosting – especially when sometimes it’s a mix mash of family members and/or friends and not always the bridal party.

  3. Jessica@WeddingPaperDivas

    @Bethany- That sounds like quite a situation. We hope your sister’s wedding was still a success! (And we’re glad you survived to tell the tale.)

  4. Brittany

    I just received an order for a shower invitation with ELEVEN hostesses. I had to change the font entirely to accommodate, essentially butchering my original design. I thought I had seen it all with 6 but no… It’s getting a BIT ridiculous. Has it always been this way to list everyone who wraps a gift as the hostess? What’s the deal?


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