April 22

Happy Earth Day!

It makes me excited to see a lot of companies getting into the green spirit. From fuel efficient automobiles to books on living green, being eco-friendly is suddenly cool. Here at Wedding Paper Divas we too are on a mission to be green. We’re hosting our own special day today internally but for all you green lovers out there who also love our stationery here’s some facts that may interest you:

  1. Did you know that digital printing is environmentally friendly? Traditional offset printing wastes 10-15% of paper in a set-up process called make-ready. The digital process does not have make-ready. We print exactly what is needed and this helps reduce the amount of paper used.
  1. Three cheers for our envelopes! Wedding Paper Divas envelopes are made using hydro power.

Happy Earth Day and happy shopping to all you earth-friendly consumers out there!


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