July 1

Gifts Meant to be Used at the Wedding: Rant or Rave

We recently heard a story of a bride-to-be receiving a personalized wedding cake topper at her shower. It wasn’t on her registry. It wasn’t something she wanted. It wasn’t even something she liked. Yes, it was a sweet gesture (and cost a pretty penny). Should she feel obligated to use it at the wedding? Or should she stand her ground and make sure the wedding day reflects her and her fiancée’s tastes down to every last detail?

What would you do if you received a gift that was expected to be used at the wedding? Rant or rave!


3 thoughts on “Gifts Meant to be Used at the Wedding: Rant or Rave

  1. Bride

    Ah…this just happened to me. I haven’t decided what I’m doing about it yet. I think intentions are good, but unless you’ve overheard that they want a particular thing, I would stick to the registry. In fact, unless you really know the person well, the registry is the way to go. (Although this person knows me well)

  2. Nicky | JAF Gifts

    If it were me and I was really close to this person who gave me the present, I would perhaps find a way to incorporate it into my wedding. Of course I would have to tell the person beforehand that everything’s already been planned and such, but that I will try to find use for it during the actual celebration… just to let that person know that I may or may not be able to actually use their present.

  3. Courtney S.

    I guess it depends on what it is. My aunt bought me my cake serving set that I used at the wedding, and it was perfect. But she knew what I wanted, so it worked out. If someone gave me something random, without knowing anything about what I wanted for my wedding, that would be different.


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