August 28

Fun Ideas for your Night-Before Slumber Party

I adore the idea of an all-girl slumber party the night before your wedding. You will likely be a little nervous and jittery all night anyway, so why not gather your closest girlfriends for some giggles and games before your big day? To make the most of your last night of girly fun (without compromising your radiant glow the next morning!), try some of these delightful ideas:

  • Break out the classic boardgames! If you can find your old versions of Mall Madness or Truth or Dare, you can have a blast reviving your favorite games from the past. Life, Twister and Jenga are always good for a laugh!
  • Watch your favorite romantic movies. Curl up on the couch in your “bride” pajamas and watch “The Princess Bride” for the millionth time, but steer clear of tearjerkers! Watch something that will make you smile in anticipation of your nuptials, like “Wedding Crashers” or “When Harry Met Sally.”
  • Look through old photo albums or yearbooks. Laugh hysterically at your best friend’s rockin’ 90’s hairstyle in her senior picture, reminisce about your college days and discuss how much your taste in men has improved since the ninth grade!
  • Keep up with your beauty routine. The day before your wedding, you are likely to have already had a manicure, pedicure, thorough shower and intense moisturizing session. That night, don’t ruin all your hard work by drinking too much alcohol, staying up late or chowing down on junk food, or you might end up looking puffy for your ceremony. Drink plenty of water and snack on fruits and veggie crudites instead.


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