July 14

Feed your vendors, too!

One of the often-ignored topics in wedding planning is how to treat your vendors the day of the wedding, namely your DJ, Band, Wedding Planner, Photographer, Videographer or anyone that is present throughout the day of the event.  Although these people may not be on your guest list, it’s often common courtesy to at least assume they’ll want to eat a meal.  It’s something to think about as you make your guest list and submit your final head count for food.  You’ll also want to consider where the vendors will eat.  Will you have a table set aside for them that is part of the guest floor plan?  Will you have a table in a separate, private room?  Chances are good they’re only going to take a short break to eat, so choose accordingly.

There is one exception: when it comes to the officiant of your wedding, you should always count him/her and their significant other as an invited guest.  Send them an invitation like you would to any of your other guests. They’re the only vendor allowed to even go near the bar as well!  You definitely don’t want a drunk photographer taking your wedding photos.


Personally, I spoke to each of my vendors individually about their preferences.  I offered them the opportunity for one of the menu items and a seating arrangement.  In the end, all of my vendors preferred having a sandwich/condiments/hour d’oeuvres tray that they could quickly grab a bite from in a private section of the reception hall.  Whatever you choose, know that they’re all bound to be appreciative of your thoughtfulness (and maybe even do an extra-excellent job!).  Happy planning!


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