December 11

Engagement Season: Save the Date

Since so many of our friends and coworkers around the office are getting engaged this time of year and there will be plenty more this holiday season, we wanted to share some of our newest save the date cards and save the date card etiquette.

After you are engaged, one exciting step along the wedding planning process is your engagement photo session. It is great to have an engagement photo shoot because it allows you to get to know your photographer better, bask in all your love, and the photos are perfect for a photo save the date card or save the date magnet.

After you are engaged and have shared the news with your close friends and family it is time to send out your save the dates. These are sent out in advance to notify for your guests of the upcoming wedding and give them time to make travel plans, especially if you are planning a destination wedding or holding the wedding on a holiday weekend.

You should send your save the date cards around 6 months before your wedding and if it is a destination wedding around 8 months prior to the wedding.

Since you are sending the save the date before the wedding invitation you have the opportunity to be fun and informal, even if your wedding is going to be a formal event. This is the chance to show your true personality and creativity and have some fun along the way!

The most important thing to remember about a save the date card is that it shows your guests they will also be receiving a wedding invitation and will be invited at a later date. Etiquette states you cannot send a save the date card to someone and then not invite them to the wedding. Make sure you have time to work on your guest list before sending out these cards so no one will need to be “uninvited.” If you are not completely sure who will be on your guest list you can send your save the date cards to only your very close friends and family that will be attending for sure and later on send the wedding invitations to the other guests. This will ensure you are not committing yourself to any but your most important guests.

Here are some of our newest save the date cards. Which one is your favorite?


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  1. Mandy

    Does whoever created the first one have the rights to it? Because that couple got married in Paris- I saw their post on stylemepretty and it was one of my favorite weddings. I don’t think whoever is doing these mockups can just use whatever wedding pictures they find…

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