March 20

Engagement Pictures With Carnival Flair

We’re not quite sure if these engagement pictures could get anymore fun and playful. The carnival made the perfect backdrop for capturing Nicole and Adams’s one-of-a-kind love. From the bacon booth, to carnival games and smiles all around, these two love birds are definitely enjoying the ride. We are loving this engagement shoot, scroll on through to see these amazing photos captured by Kristin Chalmers Photography.

engagement pictures at a carnival couple sitting in front of a game

carnival engagement photos couple making faces at each other

woman kissing mans cheek in a black and white photo

black and white photo of couple on carnival swings

couple playing with a bubble machine at the carnival

couple playing with a bubble machine at the carnival

couple in front of a carnival ride

couple sitting in front of a carnival game

From the Photographer…

In October, before all this snow, I met Nicole and Adam at the Topsfield Fair for their engagement—aka practice—session. There’s not too much to tell you about Nicole and Adam except that they are beyond awesome! They are really funny, up for anything, and did I mention they are super tall? Here I am at 5 feet tall, and both of them must be at least 6 feet! It was their idea to hit up the Topsfield Fair, and of course, I was all over that. We met up in the parking lot, where they added a little liquid courage to their sodas. Then it was fried Oreos, a trip to the bacon booth, a ride on the swings, and I smushed in the Ferris wheel with them. Their wedding will be here any minute, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for me!

couple playing a shooting game at the carnival

birds eye view of couple playing the shooting game

couple playing shooting game at carnival

woman pushing mans head at the carnival

couple looking at each other sitting at the carnival

couple playing around at the carnival

couple in front of painting at the carnival

couple in front of painting at carnival

couple looking at painting from behind them at carnival

man holding gold coins and wedding bands in his hands

owl ring on one hand and engagement ring on the other

woman blowing powder off of a donut

man wearing sunglasses with powdered donut on his face

man and woman in front of carnival food cart

couple getting bacon on a stick at the carnival couple looking at each other and smiling on a carnival ride

man and woman on the carnival swings

couple swinging on carnival ride

couple playing with photo booth accessories

couple sitting on a bench at the carnival kissing


Photographer: Kristin Chalmers Photography // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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