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Easy DIY Table Number & Menu Displays

We often get requests for creative DIY table number displays, so we’re planning a whole series of them to help you decide which look you like best. We’re starting with a classic—framed table number and menu displays.

The most important supplies for this DIY project are the frames. Scour your local craft stores and art fairs for the perfect look, then pick up two for each table you plan to have. We fell in love with these rustic golden frames, which perfectly matched the menus we had in mind and made it easy to dream up the number decor.

Take a look and try it yourself!


  • Menus to match your stationery (we used our Rustic Print design)
  • Frames that match your look and theme
  • Hand drawn, printed or stamped table numbers
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scrapbooking paper or cardstock in a matching hue

Step One: Frame the Menu

The most important tips we have for this simple step are to make sure to clean the glass inside and out. This will eliminate smudges, specks and other tiny imperfections that will drive you crazy when you look at the finished product. Also, we like to retain the matting that comes with many frames. You can either use it behind the menu to make sure you have a snug fit, or keep it for future craft projects.

Step Two: Prep Your Framed Number

This step isn’t quite as easy, but it’s close! Add double-sided tape to the matting that came inside the frame. Next, stick the matting carefully onto your cardstock or scrapbooking paper. Carefully cut around the edges (including the center!) to make sure the white frame is completely covered with the cardstock color of your choice.

Step Three:Add the Number

Use your double-sided tape again to attach the table number to the frame from the back, (not the front!). This will give a more polished look to the entire project.

Step Four: Place Them Side-by-Side and Enjoy

Isn’t it lovely? And yet so simple!

What creative DIY table number ideas do you have? Send your photos to blog@weddingpaperdivas.com and we’ll post them for all of our fans and followers!


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