January 17

Do We Have to Send Save the Date Cards?

To be honest, we love our collection of save the date cards so much, this question tends to shock us (why wouldn’t you want to send them? They’re adorable!). But we do understand that some brides on a budget might be looking for ways to trim down their stationery spending. Here’s what we suggest, as framed by one reader’s question.

Dear Divas,

Do we have to send save the date cards? We’re on a budget and looking for ways to keep the wedding simple.

Thanks for the advice,


Dear M.D.N.,

We don’t think, “Do we have to?” is the right question to ask in budget situations, but more “What’s the cost/benefit ratio?” And, quite frankly, save the date cards are one of the most useful tools in any wedding planner’s toolkit.

Although your year is going to be spent planning and prepping for that all-important date, your friends and family members aren’t going to have the day penciled in until they hear from you. This means you can personally call everyone on your list and let them know (hoping they’ll jot it down), count on all of your guests having nothing to do that day so they can squeeze you in when the invitations arrive six weeks before the big day, or simply send save the date cards. Which sounds more appealing?

You can even send save the date magnets that will hang on the fridge and serve as a constant reminder that your big day is looming. Plus, save the date cards can be invaluable in establishing the style and tone of your wedding, so you can make a chic and lasting first impression that will carry through until your big day, AND they come at very budget-friendly prices.

This adorable design, for instance, can be yours for as low as 84¢ each:

So trust us—you can create DIY favors, change your hosted bar to beer and wine only and finagle a deal with your venue, but whatever you do don’t skimp on save the dates!

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One thought on “Do We Have to Send Save the Date Cards?

  1. Beverly Ozanne

    Can you suggest when it is best to send out save the date cards/magnets? 6 months? 3 months?

    Thanks for your assistance.


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