January 13

DIY Whiskey Bottle Favors

Today we’re showing you how to make infused liquor for a unique wedding favor. With Irish whiskey, orange shavings and cinnamon sticks, you can make favors that look perfect on wooden tables for a rustic rehearsal dinner or for a Fall reception. There are many ways to customize favors to make them true to the two of you. Change the bottles, cocktail recipe, and even personalize your message on the gift tags.

Below, you’ll see how easy it is to mix whiskey, oranges and spicy cinnamon together to make a drink your guests will thank you for.

jameson, mini glass bottle, oranges and gift tags for favors

What you’ll need to make your DIY whiskey bottle favors:

  • Twine
  • Cinnamon
  • Channel knife or orange peeler
  • Gift tags
  • Bottle of Jameson
  • Craft bottles
  • Oranges
  1. Peel the orange rind with a channel knife or orange peeler.
  2. Combine one cinnamon stick, the orange rind and whiskey in a bottle.

bottle of jameson, peeled orange and mini glass bottles

3. Let the cocktail mixture sit for at least one month before gifting.
4. Now you have favors that fit a rustic or outdoor wedding theme.

mini glass bottles with chalkboard gift tags

These favors are perfect for a celebration and show guests you went above and beyond to show them you care. If you’re looking for something that goes with a modern look, use vodka and your choice of fruit. Or, try bourbon and simple syrup infused with mint for something more vintage.

Make the DIY whiskey bottle favors look extra personalized with customizable gift tags that match back to your invitations or coordinate with your design. Guests will think you spent a great deal on these (psst…we won’t tell!).

However you style it, make it true to the two of you!


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