March 19

DIY Wedding Invitations

We are thrilled to introduce you to Jennifer and Jessica from Linen, Lace & Love. See how they’ve added that special personal touch to our wedding invitations.


I loved the chalkboard detail on this invitation, and how beautifully the flowers popped on the card. I originally made a chalkboard tag, but it just got lost in the invitation. So, I cut little leaves from green paper and wrote “grow in love” using a white gel pen, hole punched them, and tied the leaves to the invitation using orange and white bakers twine. I also added an orange envelope and sealed the back using white wax and a fleur di lis seal. Lastly, just for fun, I made a fabric flower using a packet of fabric pink rose petals (found at most wedding stores), a link to my tutorial is here: DIY Fabric Flowers. The flowers would be a lovely idea for escort cards; just write the guests name on the first leaf, and the table number on the second leaf.

Wedding Paper Divas Wedding
Wedding invitation DIY

Wedding Invitations DIY

Wedding Invitations DIY

The warm vintage feel of this invitation lent itself to some fun additions. I added a vintage key to the invitation using brown and white striped bakers twine. And printed out a tag that read “TO MY HEART,” backed it in a little piece of french linen, and attached that to the key. Then I filled a kraft mailer box with kraft paper shreds, closed the box, and wrote the guests address on the top of the box using a white gel pen. Don’t forget to seal the sides of the box; I recommend circle sticker labels from any office supply store. And always weigh your package at the post office to make sure you use the correct postage.

Wedding Paper Divas Wedding Invitation - Precious Peonies
Wedding Invitations DIY

Wedding Invitations DIY

I loved the bright orange and blue used for the bride and grooms names, so I added an orange envelope. I then took some white paper and spray painted it with an aqua blue spray paint (you can always just look for a blue color paper you like instead), let that dry for about 20 minutes, used a tape roller to add a blue triangle piece to the envelope, and wrote the guests address using a white gel pen. For the invitation, I cut a tag, wrote “TO HAVE & TO HOLD” in white gel pen, hole punched it, and tied it onto the card using orange and white bakers twine.

Wedding Paper Divas Wedding Invitation - We the Wed
Wedding Invitations DIY

Wedding Invitations DIY

Wedding Invitations DIY

This invitation is so beautiful and simple, there were so many ways we could go with it. I chose the formal approach. I dressed this invitation up using a metallic silver folder envelope, navy blue satin ribbon, and a piece of silver glitter card stock.

Wedding Paper Divas Wedding Invitation - Flourish Title

  1. First I cut a piece of the silver glitter card stock a little bigger than the invitation, and used glue dots to stick the two together.
  2. Then I printed out the bride and groom’s initials in navy type from my computer and backed those in silver card stock using double-sided tape.
  3. Then I cut two long slits at the top of each letter and using an X-ACTO knife, and threaded the navy satin ribbon through.
  4. Next, I hole punched the sides of the envelope pocket and tied the initial banner onto the pocket.
  5. To seal the envelope, I used a tape roller on the back side of the ribbon navy satin ribbon and taped it to the center of the envelope all the way around. Make sure to leave tape off of a long end of ribbon at the beginning and end, so you can tie that in a bow.
  6. Then, I cut a little “bow tie” out of silver glitter card stock, hole punched the center on either side, and tied a bow through the “bow tie.”

I recommend to use a bigger envelope to put this invitation in (I recommend a navy blue one), when mailing it, or you can glue dot the envelope closed (underneath the bow tie), and place a white sticker label on the front (opposite side of the bow tie) for the guests address. And don’t forget to weigh the invitation, and talk to your local post office to make sure you get the correct postage. These invitations would need to be hand stamped at the post office, because the envelope is so thick that it wouldn’t be able to run through the machine they have. You can simply ask your local post office, and they can hand stamp your invitations (it looks prettier anyway, so we recommend you do this regardless).

Wedding Invitation DIY
Wedding Invitation DIY

Wedding Invitation DIY


12 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Invitations

  1. Carolann Fricke

    Thanks for the fab-u idea’s!
    Jennifer and Jessica your artistic designs are fantastic.
    You make it look so easy and inviting!

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  3. Caroline

    Hi there,
    Absolutely love the key to my heart invite!!! Incl. the cardboard box.
    Can I order these off you??


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  5. Peni

    I LOVE the key to my heart invitation. May I get info on pricing, I am very interested in using them for our big day. Also, do you have any save the date notices that compliment them?

    Thank you,

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  8. Áine murphy

    Hi ladies I’m clueless but I am in love with the chalkboard invites tell me do you have a high definition document of the invites, it’s the flowers I’m after there so beautiful or how does this work 🙂 thank you talented ladies 🙂


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