September 15

DIY Wedding: Gold Deer Figurines for Your Reception Table

Looking for a way to make your wedding stand out? DIY it! Making your own accent pieces can maximize your budget while lending a uniquely personal touch to your ceremony or reception. After all, your special day should exemplify your one-of-a-kind love. To get the most beauty for your buck, check out this fabulous (and simple) DIY wedding project—that is sure to make your ceremony or reception unforgettable.

This DIY wedding project marries whimsy with modern to give you the best of both worlds. When finding their place cards atop miniature, gilded stags, your guests’ faces will surely light up.

What you need:



  1. Place deer figurines several inches apart on top of a clean tarp, drop cloth, or newspaper. (This step makes clean-up super easy)
  2. Spray paint the visible side of each deer and let dry.Resized_Deer
  3. Flip each deer figurine over to reveal unpainted side. Repeat step three so that entire deer is now painted.
  4. Once dry, prop place card on the deer’s antlers and enjoy your rustic-glam look!





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