June 18

DIY Place Card Photos

Add a special touch to your wedding reception tables with personalized DIY place settings. Your wedding guests will love the little detail – and feel even more a part of your special day. Since this project does require personalizing for each guest (and access to photos), it can also work well for intimate receptions, or for bridal showers and rehearsal dinners.


Here’s what you’ll need:
Photos of your guests
Plain paper
Twine or other decorative tie
Small flowers or herbs (lavender would be a nice touch for spring weddings!)
Hole punch

Step 1: Photos

Start by collecting a photo of each of your guests. We love the idea of using childhood photographs of each guest, but that may not be entirely practical. Here’s a hint: check out Facebook photos your friends have posted. Chances are that there may be an old school portrait or baby photo that they have uploaded!

Print out each photo in a small size, such as 2 in. x 2 in. You want your image to small so that it accents the place setting. Anything larger may overpower the effect.

Step 2: Create your place setting tag

Cut out a piece of paper that is slightly larger than your photo. You can be creative with the shape, but we liked the look of this square shape – it almost looks like a miniature Polaroid! Whichever style you choose, simply adhere the photo onto the paper. Be sure to leave room for a name – this will be a place setting, after all!

Now that your tag is set, punch a hole near the top. This will be where you attach the tag to the twine, so you’ll want to make sure the hole is the right size for your twine.

Step 3: Assemble your creations

You likely won’t fully assemble the place cards until the day of your reception, but you can prep a bit in advance. Cut your twine and string it through the hole in each tag – this will make set up a snap.

Day of, tie each place card around the utensils. Finish it off with a pretty bow, and tuck a sprig of lavender or another small flower between the napkin and the twine. Another option, if you aren’t able to tie around utensils, is to tie the photo place card onto a wine glass set at each seat.

What do you think of this photo DIY? Check out more creative ideas for your wedding on our Pinterest boards!


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