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DIY Divas: Tissue Paper Poms

Tissue paper poms are the ideal decor solution—they are colorful and fun, can be used both indoors and out, take 10 minutes to make and cost next to nothing! What more could you ask for?

You don’t even have to buy the DIY pom-making kits they have at the store. Instead, follow these easy instructions for DIY tissue paper poms you’ll love to make as much as you love to decorate with them!


  • Tissue paper in coordinating colors (we used eight sheets of 20 x 30 inch tissue paper per pom)
  • Floral or craft wire
  • Scissors
  • String to hang them with

Step 1: Create an Accordion Fold

Fold the tissue paper up and back repeatedly to create a 1–2 inch wide accordion or fan fold. You can vary the sizes of your poms by folding along the longer or shorter edge of the tissue paper.

Step 2: Attach Wire

Fold the tissue paper in half and wrap the wire around the fold, as show below. This will become the center of the pom, so make sure it’s tight and that the folds are well-creased.

Step 3: Trim the Edges

Giving your edges a rounded appearance will make your pom look fluffy and flowery, whereas pointed ends give more of a sunburst effect. See the difference between the green finished pom (rounded edges) and the yellow finished pom (pointed edges) below.

Step 4: Fan Out the Tissue

Start by lying the pom flat on the table and fanning the folds out in a circle.

Then, pull the individual pieces of tissue apart from each other to create a fluffy texture.

Once you finish one side, hold the pom by the wire in one hand and continue separating the tissue paper layers with the other, rearranging the layers to give the shape and texture you’d like. Be careful not to tug too hard or it might rip!

Step 5: Enjoy!

Now that you’ve made one pom, start experimenting with size and shape to create a few more. Don’t be afraid to experiment as you make the decor you’ve been dreaming about!

We had so much fun making these, we eventually ran around the office hanging them anywhere we thought they’d be appreciated—cute, right?

If you try this craft out on your own, send us photos at We’d love to feature them!


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9 thoughts on “DIY Divas: Tissue Paper Poms

  1. bride shop

    This is so crafty. I don’t know if I have the hands to do this right. But you showed it like it is so easy. Great job. I will bookmark this page and will practice right away. Thanks.

  2. Susan Ella

    So cute and looks so easy. Easy enough even for me. I’m going to try these for my daughter’s room!

  3. Pam

    I am definately going to make these for my daughter’s up-coming baby shower! They are beautiful and they look so easy to make. Thank you for the idea! I am excited just thinking about it.


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