November 7

DIY Divas: Have Fun With Your Guests

At most weddings, it’s the small, thoughtful details that your guests will remember most.  Little things can stand out in a big way, especially when they actually make a direct impression on your guests.

While surfing my favorite list of wedding websites, I stumbled across an amazing DIY idea on Darcy’s Wedding Idea of the Day that is sure to up your guests’ fun factor.  Although it will take some imagination, it’s light on the budget.

Darcy suggests placing large glass containers or vases on the bars.  Inside, the couple places “dares” written on slips of paper, such as “Ask the Bride to Dance” or “Introduce Yourself to Someone New”.  Not only does this encourage guests to mingle, it gets conversation flowing!  Plus, with the only supplies needed being paper, a few vases, a nice pen and a lot of imagination, you can’t find an easier project!

As an option, you could also change the “dares” to fortunes so that the guests aren’t actually required to put in any work.  Either way, this idea is an adorable DIY project that is sure to entertain your guests!


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