October 24

DIY Divas: Centerpieces and Lighting

A key element to any event is the mood and ambiance, which is often set by a combination of lighting, decor and music.  While I can’t help you with the music in this post, I can offer some great ideas for centerpieces and lighting that were sent to me by one of our very own staff members!

Rachel, a talented designer here at Wedding Paper Divas, found this gorgeous photo of candle centerpieces that were made simply by wrapping lace around various sized votive candles.  Placed atop a mirror to reflect light and surrounded by small details like these decorative rocks, this make a stunning centerpiece.

Inspired, Rachel adapted this idea into her very own outdoor lighting.  Using scalloped scissors, lacy doilies, and some tea lights, she turned these ordinary white paper bags into gorgeous lighting accessories.  You can also use flameless battery-operated tea lights to avoid any fire danger.

Here are her creations in action, lining the walkway up to the airy gazebo.

If you’re feeling even more crafty, follow in the footsteps of one of Rachel’s friends and etch your very own glass votive candle holders.  Although a much more intricate process, the end result is dazzling!


5 thoughts on “DIY Divas: Centerpieces and Lighting

  1. lenny

    really pretty!

    i’ve used frosted vellum paper or
    frosted contact paper for the same effect.
    makes it a green eco choice, as you can
    change it at will.


  2. Sam

    I love the look of the first picture – the lace-wrapped vases. Do you know where any of the materials were purchased? Also, how is the lace secured to the vase? Thanks!

  3. Katie

    Hi Sam,

    We didn’t actually make this craft ourselves, but we are pretty sure you can buy the materials at any craft store. We recommend using fabric glue or even a hot glue gun, just be careful not to glob it on so it doesn’t seep into the holes in the lace.

    If you do it yourself, send us photos at blog@weddingpaperdivas.com so we can share them along with your tips!

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