December 16

Diva Dish: Pregnant Bridesmaid

Dear Diva,
My wedding is in a few months, and I just found that my sister-in-law is 5 months pregnant.  She’s one of my bridesmaids, and her dress has already been ordered and paid for.  There is no way she is going to fit in to her dress when the wedding rolls around.  Plus, I’m really worried about how my pictures will look with a pregnant bridesmaid.  It’s superficial, I know, but I can’t help being worried!  What do I do?!
Baby Blues Bride


Dear Baby Blues,
Surprisingly, this is a very common problem with brides and their bridesmaids!  Because of this, your bridal shop is used to dealing with these problems and will definitely be able to help you.  Call your sales rep and explain the situation.  She will most likely order some extra fabric to match the dress so that it can be altered to the correct size when it arrives in the store for the first fitting.  Although it may cost a little extra, your sister-in-law will be so appreciative and will feel much more comfortable on your wedding day.
Regarding your photos, don’t feel bad about questioning how they will look.  This is your once-in-a-lifetime moment, and of course you want everything to be perfect.  The best approach is to first talk to your photographer about your concerns.  Photos can be composed in a million and one ways so as to hide or detract attention from her tummy.  Make sure your photographer snaps shots both with and without the tummy—you never know—in the future you may look back and love remembering her in this stage of life!  Regardless, be sure to handle the situation with sensitivity.  This is a special time for your sister-in-law, and she did not get pregnant to deliberately ruin your wedding.  Everything will work out—good luck!


3 thoughts on “Diva Dish: Pregnant Bridesmaid

  1. Atlas Designs

    My maid of honor was 9 months pregnant at my wedding. We had to consider her “condition” and added some beautifully wrapped chairs onstage and orchestrated times for our wedding party to sit and stand so she wouldn’t pass out during the ceremony! But now, 5 years later I look at her little girl and love remembering that she was in mommy’s tummy on my wedding day. It is such a cool memory, and besides, its easy for me to remember to send a birthday card. I just stamp it and send it around my wedding day!

  2. Angel

    Don’t hold your belly in the photos. It looks tacky and it appears like you’re trying to highlight your pregnancy and take focus off the bride.


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