July 28

Diva Dish: Invitation Wording if You’re Already Married

We’ve been getting a lot of wedding invitation wording questions lately, so we’re dedicating today’s Dear Divas to the tricky topic.

Question: My fiancee and I are having two separate receptions due to the fact that she lives in one country and I in another.  Given geographies and differing religions we decided to have the main ceremony and reception in her country since she comes from a much larger family.  Here in the US we will have a small symbolic religious ceremony and a cocktail reception afterward as more of a “get to know the bride” type reception. Since we will already be married when we have the US reception, I’m not sure what to have written on the invitation.  Any suggestions? Thanks, Wondering Wanderer.

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Answer: Dear Wondering Wanderer,

Lucky you!  Two weddings to plan in two different countries!  Thankfully, the invitation wording is not very complicated in this situation.  Instead of listing your name and your fiancee’s maiden name, you’d simply list yourselves as Mr. and Mrs (insert married name here).  You’d also change the wording of what exactly you’re inviting your guests to attend.  Instead of saying the wedding of or the marriage of, you can say something like to recognize their marriage of or to celebrate their marriage

For example:

Mr. and Mrs. Wondering Wanderer request the pleasure of your company to celebrate their marriage.

Good luck and happy planning! Please remember that Wedding Paper Divas has designers on-call to help you customize your wedding stationery however you want.

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4 thoughts on “Diva Dish: Invitation Wording if You’re Already Married

  1. GinaD.

    Where can I find more options for “post-wedding” invitations vs just an announcement? My finance and i decided to do a family/wedding party only ceremony/reception and will hold a larger casual catered celebration 2 months later. But I’m having trouble finding this type of invite on your site? The one above is a great example but I’d love to see more options! What category should I be searching?

  2. Karina


    I have a similar situation as Gina D. My fiance and I will be married in an intimate ceremony with our parents, siblings, and closest friends. Since we both have huge families (the guest list would’ve been 300 and we always wanted an intimate ceremony), we’re throwing a larger, more casual dinner dance celebration the week after in be more inclusive of our family members.

    I was thinking of wording the invitation to the party this way, but please let me know if you have better suggestions. Thank you!!! It’s so hard to find advice re: this situation.

    On (Date), Alex and Karina will be married during an intimate ceremony with their parents, siblings, and closest friends.

    Please join them in celebrating their new start as husband and wife by attending a dinner dance party in their honor on (Date) at 6:30pm in the evening at
    (Venue address)


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