April 10

A Converse Wedding

Yesterday, I posted some upscale wedding shoes that will leave any shoe addict smitten.  However, if you want put a fun twist on your wedding shoes, check out these fun ideas for a converse wedding:


Photo from Katy Reigner


Photos from Santa Barbara Wedding Chic


19 thoughts on “A Converse Wedding

  1. john

    converse is doing a super job of marketing to those easily taken in by fads. Sneakers with formal wear is classless.

  2. kerry

    it is sooo not “classless”….class is NOT about what is on the outside, John. Someone in Kenneth Coles can have absolutely no class.

  3. Jenn

    Well, I am wearing converse to my wedding in June… we all are, it’s what I want. I don’t wear converse all the time, but my wedding is what i want. CHocolate bouquet, Cold Rock Ice Cream cake, a Best Woman … my wedding is far from traditional.

    I love these photos and one thing i regret, is finding these after getting my dress! My dress is a Burgundy colour and Australia don’t sell the metallic Silver Converse 🙁

  4. paige

    well, on may 8th, i was in a wedding where the bride and groom wore convorse. they customized them on the converse website to exactly what they want. well, the groom is my dad and the bride is now my stepmother. i also got customized converse. everyone at the wedding loved the idea, and i for one ( i being a 16 year old girl) thought that the shoes and idea were genius! it looked amazing as well as felt amazing. we didnt have to wear annoying high heels 🙂
    so wearing converse with formal wear isn’t classless. its fresh, fun and new, and veryyyy comfortable. i support anyone who wants to do it.

  5. Jade

    As much as I love converse, I have to say this looks awkward. And why would you want to drop gorgeous heals for this. I’ll stick to em.

  6. Theresa

    I HATE heels with a burning passion. They are ugly and uncomfortable, so why should I wear something that is not ME at my wedding? This is a gorgeous. :]

    It’s not classless at all. Why should there be rules on what you can and can’t wear to your own wedding?

  7. Jamie

    To each their own but with my fiance, myself, and our entire wedding party being 20-somethings with an open bar, a dance floor, and a passion for dancing all night long I have to steal this idea. I was at a complete loss for a bridal party gift but I have now been inspired! Thanks so much for this post! Call me classless if you like but I call it being young,fun, in love, and ready to start my new life with a bang! And being a bit of a shoe addict myself, I see no harm in having these and the heels!

  8. Jess

    I love converse – I wear them daily, as they are comfortable and I loathe open-toed shoes. I think this is cute, though if I do ever get married (I’m only fourteen; it isn’t exactly high on my list of priorities) it is not likely I will wear them with my wedding dress.

    It’s a cute/nice sentiment, but I don’t want to look back on wedding pictures 20 years after the fact and have the most noticeable and memorable thing be that I’m wearing Converse and being “nontraditional”. I wore converse with my dress to the Valentine’s Day dance, but if it’s going to be something important, like a wedding, I’d rather look like I’m being serious about the whole thing and not just centering it around what makes me look cute.

  9. reni

    oh my god! i cannot get over these! the chucks are one of my favorite shoes in this lifetime. i can wear wear them everyday, if i had to. this is awesome and creative. thanks for sharing!

  10. Olivia

    I agree with everyone who thinks converse are awesome..i mean if some of you “snotty” people wanna dance all night in horrible heels you can but I’ll stay in my comfortable converse & on my honey moon i will be able to do more things because i won’t have blisters on my heals caused my your little “friends”.

  11. Karmen

    Actually John, I wore purple Coach shoes for my senior prom and I got compliments from everyone and then some. WHY spend money on shoes that won’t be seen? Ignorance.

  12. Christina

    I just wanted to share a quick story as to why my fiance and i will be wearing chucks to our wedding along with our wedding party and any guests that would like to join in- my fiance and i met BY CHANCE after brutal down right horrible break-ups. The night we met, while our friends were dressed a little more refined, he and i both walked in, never having met a single day in our lives prior..wearing the same classic pair of converse sneakers. we started dating the next day and from the moment on, we’ve been collecting all different colors and patterns etc. converse sneakers were our starting conversation piece. had we missed them, we never would have gotten to talking. we’re now months away from marrying, and it’s all thanks to a simple pair of chuck taylors 🙂

  13. Unknown

    I was just thinking of this. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 5years and are talking about getting married. We always wear converse well i mostly do but he loves the idea because he doesnt really like getting dressed up. I hate wearing heals with a passions also so this is what i’ve always wanted 🙂 for those who say its “classless” well whatever its your opinion we are not tthere at your wedding bagging on your dress you picked out!

  14. Chiara

    The day of my marriage, june 26 2010, I wore red converse and, at the party, also all my friends wore converse of various colors ! It was fun but also comfortable!

  15. Tim Folkenson - Wedding Host

    My company hosts about 150 weddings a year. Chucks are one of my favorite wedding accessories if they are done well. They are comfortable and make a fun transition from serious ceremony shoes to fun reception shoes. Way better than those “Bride” bedazzled shoes that are ugly and get tossed after the wedding.

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