August 6

Colorful Wedding Dresses: Rant or Rave

While white (or some variation thereof) remains the most popular choice for many brides, colored wedding gowns are gaining attention and growing in popularity. Colorful gowns like this gorgeous frock from Vera Wang offer brides who are looking for a little something different the perfect way to make a statement.

Do you think colored wedding dresses are creatively unconventional or stray too far from tradition? Would you wear a colored dress on your big day? Do colorful wedding gowns make you want to rant or rave?


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7 thoughts on “Colorful Wedding Dresses: Rant or Rave

  1. Liz B

    I think colored gowns can be beautiful! If they fit the bride’s personality, then by all means go for it! Some people don’t like white, or don’t feel comfortable in white, or just don’t buy into the “white wedding” ideal.

    My dress isn’t pure white, it’s more grey/silver. Heck yeah, I’m nervous about rocking it on my wedding day! And it’s been a nightmare to match shoes and accessories!! I second guess everything with it!! But anyway, I know I would have felt TOO WEIRD in pure white (and I don’t like ivory). Plus, being able to shorten it and wear it again without feeling like a fool was important to me as well.

  2. Red

    I’m wearing a red dress for my wedding so I think you know how I feel! I think it’s great if it suits you. I’m not doing it to be different, I’m doing it to be ME. I am known for my love of the color red and even go by the nickname red (my fiance calls me Red exclusively). I tried on some white dresses and while I had fun with dress trying on experience, when I picture my wedding day, the idea of being in a white dress and not a red one makes me sad. And if I’m going to spend 800 bucks on a dress it better be my most favorite dress ever!

  3. Astrid Mueller

    Rave! 🙂 I feel every bride should be able to express what she’s all about at her wedding. If she’s a creative and colorful person and dares to be a bit different, this dress is a fantastic choice! We should remember that wedding dresses weren’t always white – fashion, and even tradition is relative. I go by the motto if you like something, go for it!

  4. claire

    I just love the idea of colorful wedding gowns. I love seen brides making their own creative statement and straying from tradition with colored wedding dress. If I had to do it all over again, I think I would pick a turquoise or aqua colored dress.

  5. Rosanna Tarsiero

    Personally, it’s all a matter of color matching! I mean, if a bride picks up a colored dress that looks great on her complexion, I’m all for it. Conversely, I rant endlessly about some brides who pick a stark white gown but it looks badly on them given their skin tone.
    I think it’s all a matter of being talented at choosing something that looks good on you 🙂


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