August 12

Colored Shoes

Diamonds aren’t the only wedding accessories that come in a rainbow of colors! I love that more and more brides are wearing brightly colored shoes under their dresses. It adds so much charm and whimsy to a ceremony without overpowering the rest of a couple’s wedding style. Plus, it’s a great way to blend chic modern style with conservative or traditional tastes without ruffling any feathers!

One of our very own Divas recently wore these sumptuous red shoes under her dress (photos courtesy of KI Photography), and a good friend of hers wore purple heels for a similarly luxurious touch (photos by James Nguyen). She loves the trend so much she even found these gorgeous green shoes from Brooklyn Bride, and an Elizabeth Ann Designs post featuring a rainbow of colored shoes on bridesmaids dressed in black (we absolutely love this one!). Elizabeth Ann even has a groom get into the spirit with some colored high top Converse shoes!


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Katie M. is a Writer at Wedding Paper Divas. She has the privilege of viewing nearly every piece of stationery before it goes up on the website, giving her the ultimate inside scoop on upcoming trends in the stationery world. She loves classic designs with a surprising twist, and enjoys finding new ways to express her ever-evolving personal style—a blend of traditional glamour and bohemian whimsy that makes Wedding Paper Divas a perfect fit! In addition to her love for writing, Katie is obsessed with health and fitness, skincare, UC Santa Barbara, all things adorable, the beach, dancing, cooking, getting real mail, fresh flowers, discount shopping, and shoes (who isn’t?). Katie is a contributing editor to Diva Dialogue. Be sure to check out her recurring feature, “Rant or Rave.”

8 thoughts on “Colored Shoes

  1. Erika Barnes

    This is a little fashion forward for me, but all of my friends are pushing me to accept the idea. The idea is growing on me and I think that it could add some spice to a traditional wedding.

  2. lea

    i LOVE this idea, and wish that i did it at my own wedding!

    i especially think its fun cause no one really sees your shoes, so its like your little secret.

  3. made sweet

    funky shoes with the bridal gown seems to be THE thing lately doesn’t it? I agree that it makes for great pictures, and I especially love that picture with all the bridesmaids wearing different colors of shoes! That’s adorable.

  4. Louise

    I don’t like it! How far and silly can this go? Next people will be wearing one sneaker and one high heel in different colors. I say stay classic and beautiful, you’ll be glad you did twenty-five years from now when the next generation is looking at your wedding album.


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