November 5

Chic Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

Everyone has been buzzing about Ivanka Trump’s glamorous wedding gown, which features lacy sleeves inspired by Grace Kelly’s regal wedding dress.

This gorgeous twist on classic wedding dress style has us wondering if sheer or lacy sleeves are the next chic look for wedding gowns. What do you think? Which wedding gown sleeve do you prefer—long and luxurious, or short and sweet?






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7 thoughts on “Chic Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

  1. Clare Richardson

    I love love love sleeves on wedding dresses; I prefer them shorter only because I live in Texas and it is HOT 🙂 To me, they look, well, *bridal*: classy, elegant, and way more flattering than strapless dresses! I was so disappointed when shopping for my own dress at the number of options for strapless-opposed brides, especially when I found out they assumed it was for “religious reasons”. Can’t a girl want to cover her bare shoulders on her wedding day?

  2. funke Aladetoyinbo

    I love this site am also a fan of covered or sleeve wedding dresses i think they are more elegant, gorgeous and classy for a reason when i think of wedding i dont think of sexy but simple royal or princess-like dresses. But unfortunately there are alot of strapless and revealing dresses than the covered ones

  3. liz

    I was married 10 yrs ago and the trend toward sleeveless/strapless was beginning. I am a real woman with curves and wanted to be elegant not trashy. I chose long sleeves but have since been mocked for my “80’s style dress with sleeves”. Looking forward till the trend will swing back to “my style of dress”. I had about 80% women loving my dress but they were over the age of 25 & conservative. Young women these days are sluts and all they want to show is skin or at least they are brain-washed into thinking “more skin is chic”. Here’s to the new bride of modesty and class!

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