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Can I Take Back a Wedding Invitation?

This is a fairly common question with a pretty steadfast answer, so we wanted to address them all in one big bundle. Here are just a few of the scenarios posited by readers:

  • I had a falling out with a friend. Can I take back her wedding invitation?
  • My two aunts are in a fight, and they say they can’t stand to be in the same room. Should I un-invite one?
  • My brother and his girlfriend broke up, but she and I are close friends and I still want her to attend the wedding. Do I have to rethink my guest list?

In all of these cases, our team of etiquette experts agrees—wedding invitations cannot be recalled. Once your invitations are out, they’re out, so be sure to carefully comb through your guest list before sending them to your family and friends.

As far as fights and awkward encounters are concerned, you have three options:

  1. Try to reconcile if you’re involved. After all, your wedding should be the start of your happily ever after!
  2. Talk to each injured party about your expectations for the big day (if it’s appropriate).
  3. Trust that your loved ones are more interested in seeing you happy than fighting during the chicken dance.

Like many issues that crop up during wedding planning, we think this type of situation can usually be fixed with a little patience, understanding and communication. Do you agree? What advice would you give in the same situations?

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4 thoughts on “Can I Take Back a Wedding Invitation?

  1. Fax Paper

    My opinion on the whole thing is that is it YOUR wedding and nobody elses. People need to be mature enough to realize that it is your day and not theirs. I feel like their are enough things to worry about without the drama.

  2. Wedding Queen

    What’s a wedding without guests? The two of you standing in front of your officiant stating your vows with no party afterward. That can be a sweet and intimate event, but if you have always dreamed of having the big white wedding with all the family and friends in attendance then I have to disagree with the comment above.

    I agree,, once invitations have been sent it would be rude to take them back. Allow the guest to decide if they can behave in a mature manner and attend.

  3. T

    I disagree. Even the royals recinded an invitation. To the Syrian ambassador. If I had a major problem that I thought would be a big issue if I didn’t uninvite someone, and if that someone wasn’t someone I particularly cared for I would do it. It is your day. Do what you need to make it calm and undramatic if thats what you want.

  4. Matthew

    So that is wonderful, i think the consensus is that you should do as you wish, it is your day. Although, it may not be polite to uninvite, I also think that who ever is causing an issue that if it were bad enough that you felt you needed to do that, they also are being impolite and should expect nothing else! Its your day, have fun, stay relaxed and number 1,,,,, have FUN!


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