June 29

Bride’s Diary: Stressing Out with Two Months to Go

Wedding Paper Divas is bursting with staff grooms- and brides-to-be who are currently planning their weddings. We’re happy to share their stories with you as a part of this fun feature!

Two and a half months before the wedding and I’m not feeling all that great… I have days when I’m super stressed, thinking about the wedding and then I have days when I’m totally relaxed thinking I’ve got things under control. Right now, I’m feeling the pressure. And if I could, I would scream out loud hoping to make myself feel better!

Stress #1: Wedding Invitations

I finally motivated myself to start sending them because I have a friend who invited me to her child’s birthday party on my wedding day!  (I even sent her my save the date, too!  She must’ve forgotten…)  I stayed up until 2:00 am the other night making sure I would have half of my invites ready to be sent out the next day.

Funny thing is, I’ve had nightmares about not having my invitations sent out, and nobody showed up at the wedding. This is unacceptable since I work at a stationery company!

Stress #2: Details of the Wedding

It’s time to think about the details of the wedding.  The music, the decorations, the gifts…  I think about it all the time but how much can I get done in two and a half months?  Where do I start? I’ve been checking out different blogs and sites for inspiration, but how long does it take for them to create such beautiful weddings?  Am I super late?

As stressed as I am right now, I’m looking forward to my bachelorette party that’s coming up in a few weeks. Before I decided where I wanted to go, I had a few places in mind, such as Vegas, Napa or Disneyland.  Two of the ladies in my wedding party are married with children, and I’m sure they would want to get away from kids that weekend, so Disneyland would be a no. Vegas seems too typical, so I decided on Napa. A great way for the ladies and I to relax for the weekend.

I sure hope that this weekend trip will help relieve some of the built up stress I’m having.

Meet Tammy
Tammy and Jacky met on an online dating website about three years ago. Tammy was Jacky’s 30th birthday present, and Jacky was her trial after her cousin recommended that she check the website out. After long emails and text messages, they met and have been inseparable ever since. He arranged a surprise getaway for her and took her to Disney World, where he proposed. They plan to marry on September 10th in Berkeley, California.


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One thought on “Bride’s Diary: Stressing Out with Two Months to Go

  1. Jenna

    I’m in the same boat (other than the invitation piece, but I have mostly out of towners coming so had to get those out early). I feel like I’m on a roller coaster, every day is a new up or down and always stress. I also can’t wait for my bachelorette party because it’ll be blowing off steam and also I won’t be able to do any wedding planning so hopefully it can be out of site out of mind for three days.
    hang in there, you’re not alone.


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