April 3

Behind the Scenes at Wedding Paper Divas

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Wedding Paper Divas? Sure, you see all of our stylish products, blog posts and designs, but we thought it might be fun to show you a glimpse at the girls behind the brand. Here’s what “the divas” are really like whether we’re on the clock or off…

We Sincerely Love Wedding Stationery

And party planning. And crafts. And decor. Some of us even secretly sniff the new cardstock when it’s delivered.

Here’s a snapshot of a few of the girls drooling over a place card display at a coworkers wedding. Have you ever seen three people look so intensely at paper?

We Are Proud of Our DIY Projects

We bloggers create all of our DIY projects on our own, but sometimes the rest of the team takes notice (like they did when they featured this DIY place card frame we made on the homepage of our website). We were so proud!

We Have Way Too Much Fun at Work

Making DIY hairpieces out of feathers? Sounds like a productive way to spend a Monday morning…

We Make Mistakes, Too

We certainly aren’t Martha Stewart, and it sometimes takes us a few tries to get a DIY project right. But that’s what makes us so certain you can do them, too.

These DIY popsicles were a particularly disastrous fail…

We Have Lots of Help…

…in the form of our favorite office puppy, Theodore. He likes to help with DIY projects in particular.

He has very sophisticated taste!

We hope you enjoyed this little behind-the-scenes look at the worker bees behind our blog. It’s been our pleasure bringing you fun tips, trends and more for all these years!


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About Katie

Katie M. is a Writer at Wedding Paper Divas. She has the privilege of viewing nearly every piece of stationery before it goes up on the website, giving her the ultimate inside scoop on upcoming trends in the stationery world. She loves classic designs with a surprising twist, and enjoys finding new ways to express her ever-evolving personal style—a blend of traditional glamour and bohemian whimsy that makes Wedding Paper Divas a perfect fit! In addition to her love for writing, Katie is obsessed with health and fitness, skincare, UC Santa Barbara, all things adorable, the beach, dancing, cooking, getting real mail, fresh flowers, discount shopping, and shoes (who isn’t?). Katie is a contributing editor to Diva Dialogue. Be sure to check out her recurring feature, “Rant or Rave.”

5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes at Wedding Paper Divas

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