August 14

Behind the Design Scenes with Whitney Port

Hi everyone! It’s finally here! My new stationery collection, designed exclusively for Wedding Paper Divas, is available beginning today for couples at Whitney Port Wedding Stationery.

I wanted to take the opportunity to share some insight into the creation of this collection (after popping some bubbly, of course!) While I have lots of design experience under my belt, I’ll admit I felt a bit overwhelmed initially because of how meaningful and personal wedding stationery is. I really wanted to bring something fresh and vibrant to the table, and create designs that couples can fall in love with (and enjoy for decades to follow), that help illustrate their own unique love stories.

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As it turned out, not only was the design process an absolute blast for me, but seeing the elements that I love on the printed page helped me envision my own upcoming nuptials! I’m a very visual person and have a hidden Pinterest board with a huge variety of bridal inspirations, and working with Wedding Paper Divas gave me the opportunity to hone in on these specific elements, make them my own and give them a bridal feel.

Here are five fun facts from my experience designing this invitation line!

  1. The best thing about designing stationery: I was so excited to work with Wedding Paper Divas on this collection because I felt there was a niche for invitations that feel bohemian and colorful, carefree yet elegant. I’m proud to have created a line that feels completely new to the realm of wedding stationery, signals a fun celebration and can help couples with a unique sense of style (like me and my fiancé Tim!) express themselves as a couple.
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  3. Fusing tradition with modern touches: Like any bride-to-be going through the planning process, I’ve been learning new things along the way, and Wedding Paper Divas really helped me find the right balance of the vibrant, eccentric and whimsical look I wanted with the traditional elements that are customary on wedding stationery, such as textures, typography and layout.
  4. Going big with color: I knew I wanted bold colors to be a key characteristic of my collection. I wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries and bring the stationery to life through playful brush strokes, patterns and paint splashes. To make sure the designs really jump off the paper, I experimented a lot with different color combinations such as bright magenta, aqua and purple colorways for Enchanting Affair, and the deep emerald greens blended throughout palms, ferns and festive garlands you see in Lavish Laurel.
  5. Finding bridal inspiration in unexpected places: As someone who works in fashion and is dabbling in the wedding space (both personally and professionally), I wanted to have some fun, take design risks and infuse elements that inspire me in my daily life. It felt natural to look to geometric shapes, boho elements and patterns from items that are not typically associated with bridal (like a really cool Mexican rug pattern), and blend them with longstanding traditions and classic elements for one-of-a-kind designs.
  6. whitney port wedding inspirationPhoto Source: Instagram

  7. Designing for a certain type of bride: These designs were developed with the free-spirited, non-traditional bride in mind, who won’t sweat the small stuff – a category I think I fall into! Tim and I want to create our own story and break some rules for our wedding to make it feel like us and above all, fun. And that’s what I hope to express with this collection! Take Enchanting Affair for example – huge, carefree paint splashes express a fun energy that will let guests know that they’re in for a very fun night!

Here is a behind the scenes look from Whitney’s collection launch event that took place in July at the Mondrian SOHO in New York. Whitney talks about the inspiration for her collection, her favorite designs and tips for brides-to-be!

Tell us – which one is your favorite design?



One thought on “Behind the Design Scenes with Whitney Port

  1. Nan Sroufe

    I love your bold splashes of color, abstract design….. Sometimes just colors speak louder than hearts, flowers, figures ,or symbols.Interesting fonts topping your color splashes are wonderful!


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