January 30

Beach weddings

Being from Hawaii everyone assumed I would get married there. With its beautiful beaches, tropical flowers and all my friends and family, it was a hard decision to make. Partly due to convenience and also because I wanted something different, we chose to get married here. It was a sacrifice and I must admit, I still fantasize about Hawaii weddings every once in awhile. The sounds of the waves crashing on the warm sand and the fragrant smell of plumerias close by. The good thing is I see a lot of people having island weddings while not necessarily in the islands. By incorporating colors like ocean blues, and sea greens or by adding tropical flowers or marine inspired favors, it’s possible to have an island wedding without having to fly to Hawaii to do so. One wedding that I went to in Monterey used purple orchids and seashell shaped chocolates to give the day a hint of island flavor.


Another way to bring the beach to your wedding is through stationery. The hibiscus is Hawaii’s state flower and makes a stunning design to showcase to guests.



The Palm Beach wedding invitation also brings a warm blast of tropical color to your special day.

Palm Beach


For something more subtle, the Beach Stripes collection is contemporary and sleek. With all these options, I don’t think I’ll need to give up on my Hawaii wedding just yet!

Beach Stripes



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