August 27

Ask Etta: Multi-Faith Weddings

Elaine asks…

I come from a traditional Catholic background and my fiancé is Indian. How do we find an invite that melds both of our cultures and what is the best way to word our invitation to tell guests that we will be celebrating both our faiths?

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Etta says…

Wording your invitation can definitely be tricky depending on who is hosting the wedding and what kind of ceremony you will be having. For multi-faith wedding invites, I have three suggestions depending on how traditional each family is and how the wedding day events will be organized.

1.       When in doubt keep it simple.

When two families are coming together, find wedding invitations that represents the two of you, your style and your story. Use the enclosure cards to let guests know the details of your wedding events (i.e. what time of the day you might be having a Sangeet or Mehndi or if you are planning on blending both traditions in one ceremony).

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2.       Send separate invitations for separate ceremonies.

If you are holding two separate ceremonies on your wedding day or weekend, it is best to send out two invites that represent those events. For instance, send a traditional Indian wedding invitation to those attending your Indian Ceremony and a Catholic invite for those attending your Catholic Ceremony. This solution eliminates the possibility of offending either side of the family and gives you an opportunity to celebrate and unite both cultures.

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3.       Ask our Professional Design Team for help.

Our design consultants work one-on-one with brides every day. They are here to help you customize your invitation so that you can have the wedding of your dreams. One solution they can offer is to forego the back design for an identical front design. This way you can use the traditional wording for each faith on either side of your invitation. *The double-sided invitation is by special request only and cannot be done on every invitation design.

I hope this helps, Elaine!


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  1. pamela

    this is our second marriage and how would we word the invite he has a young daughter and I have teenager , to have them included in the invite , I feel this about them also, not just the two of us.


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