March 20

Ask Etta: Extra Wedding Invitations

Cassidy asks…
I’ve chosen my Save the Date style, and even my wedding invitations, but I’m not sure what to do now. How many invitations do I need to order? I want to have extra in case of an emergency, but I don’t want to have too many invitations left over.


Etta says…
Great question, Cassidy. It sounds like you are already ahead of the game, since you have your save the date cards and your wedding invitations chosen. Have you also decided on your guest list? If not, that would be the next step.


I recommend ordering ten to fifteen extra invitations, depending on the size of your guest list. You’re bound to have an unforeseen error come your way, whether it is remembering a guest that had been left off the initial head count or a mistake made when addressing the invitation envelope. Having back up wedding invitations keeps you stress-free in these moments! Trust me, you’ll be happy to have the extras.

If you do end up with extra invitations after your wedding day, there are several great ways to use them. Including a copy of your invitation in a wedding photo book will create a keepsake that will last for years to come. I love these DIY projects that incorporate a wedding invitation into an ornament or a canvas print.
I hope this helps, Cassidy!


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