November 21

Advice for Cooking Your First Thanksgiving Meal

We asked, you answered! Here’s some of your best advice for cooking your first Thanksgiving meal from our Twitter stream and Facebook page:

“Breathe!” -Karyn J.

“Get up early and take your time. If people offer help, TAKE IT. If someone suggests to bring a dish, SAY YES. The first turkey meal is always very stressful so keep a glass of wine handy too.” -Vanessa G.

“Order it!!” -Nicole D.

“Don’t take on too much! Ask all of your guests to bring something and stick to the recipes you know and love…this keeps stress levels down and helps prevent kitchen catastrophes.” -Amy G.

“Start early, drink wine, have fun!” -Lisa L.

“Hire a chef?” -Sarah N.

“Shop for the food early, not on the weekend before or the day before. Preferably Monday when everyone is at work or late at night. Any other time just adds stress! Cook as much as you can or at least prep stuff on Wednesday, so Thursday will be a throw-it-together-early-in-the-morning day and you can enjoy the time with your family.” -Debbie R.

“Let someone else do it!” -Martie G.

What’s your best advice for newlyweds hosting their first Thanksgiving? Leave us a comment below!


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