February 5

Adding Flourishes

If your wedding invitations create the first impression your guests have of your big day, then the addressing of your envelopes is truly where it all begins. Your invitation should convey the same theme, style and spirit you’re planning for your special celebration and that includes your address style. Whether you’re planning something classic, contemporary or completely unique, the right invitation and address combination can create the excitement you want to inspire.

Traditional calligraphy is a sumptuous and beautiful handcrafted option for wedding invitations. Couples generally have guests’ addresses written in calligraphy on the inner and outer envelopes. The return address is usually printed on the envelope flap. If you’re having a calligrapher address your envelopes, we suggest ordering them in advance. When your invitations arrive, your gorgeous envelopes will be addressed and ready to go.

Depending on your budget, traditional calligraphy is a perfect choice for small, intimate events. You can choose digital calligraphy that’s produced on a computer and printer, but nothing compares to the exquisite elegance and artistry a professional calligrapher can create with classic pen and ink. A Diva delight this season is Laura Hooper’s divine calligraphy and charming, illustrated maps.

calli 1

calli 3

calli 3


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