April 15

A Plus One You Can’t Stand? Rant or Rave

You love your friend. She’s been there for you through thick and thin ever since you can remember. Sadly, she just moved in with a guy you can’t stand.

He’s pushy, boring and he doesn’t treat her well enough for your tastes. Even if he isn’t any of those things, for some reason, you neither like him nor believe he’ll be around for the long haul, so you don’t really want him at your special event.

Do you accept the fact that he’s her live-in boyfriend and invite them both, or do you leave him off the invitation? Rant or rave!


3 thoughts on “A Plus One You Can’t Stand? Rant or Rave

  1. Paige A.

    I feel as if you really loved your friend, you’d allow her to bring the guest of her choice. Regardless if you like him or not, your friend must like him. You’d hurt her feelings and risk the chance of losing your friendship if you didn’t allow her to bring a guest. Worse, she might find out the reason you didn’t invite him, and be very hurt.

  2. evoldeerb

    I am in a similar situation where a usher’s long time girlfriend loves gossiping about me behind my back. Really do not want to see her at the wedding, can we exclude her from the list without offening our friend?


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