March 10

A Note to the Bride (on the Eve of Her Shower)

The Wedding Paper Divas headquarters is bustling with bridesmaids helping their friends, siblings and sorority sisters plan their weddings. These are their confessions…

Darling, I want to throw you the ultimate bridal shower. I really do! Not only because I adore you, but also because I love throwing parties and this one is going to be fun. But I need your help if this thing is really going to come together. Here’s why:

  1. The smaller the guest list, the nicer the party. If we invite 100 guests, all I can do is give each one a cube of cheese and a cocktail napkin and thank them for coming. But if you invite 12, I’ll get Veuve for everyone!
  2. Wouldn’t it be more fun to be surprised? Just a little? Do I really need to run every game, food choice, decor item and style of plastic cutlery by you?
  3. Some people are getting worn out. From the engagement party to the meet-the-bridesmaids parties, the multiple showers and the bachelorette trip, there’s a lot of celebrating going on. It’s fun, but we need to be a little more mellow in our expectations.
  4. Our mothers are attending this event. Let’s save the inside jokes for another time…
  5. I want this to be an event we’ll both remember. And not for an epic fight we have outside the venue in front of terrified hotel staff.

Please, dear bride, remember—I’m one of your oldest friends, not a barmaid you hired for this event. Help me throw you the shower of your dreams by mellowing out, easing up on expectations and yielding a little control, and I promise I’ll do everything I can to make it amazing!


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