December 7

2010 Trends: Enchanted Forest Weddings

Following our first trends of 2010, Peacock Weddings, we’re also seeing brides-to-be who are inspired by an Enchanted Forest theme.

The spring bride of 2010 is inspired by the earthy (yet heavenly) feeling of an ethereal wedding and she’s opting for soft and flowing gowns complimented by whimsical accessories. With elements like these, this theme oozes romance.

Here are some of our favorite enchanted-forest wedding fashion to inspire and delight:


From L to R:  Forest Bride, Enchanted Forest Bride, Green BridesmaidWedding Make-Up Accessories

Enchanted-Forest-HairFrom L to R: Brides, Twiggy Up Do, Fancy Up Do


From L to R: Enchanted Forest Earrings, Green Necklace Charm, Branch Accessories


4 thoughts on “2010 Trends: Enchanted Forest Weddings

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  4. Nina

    Wow, great images! I was wondering, where did you find that image (second on the page) of the blond girl in the cream-colored dress? It’s stunning!


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