July 24

3 Great Ways to Appreciate Your Wedding Party

wedding etiquette thank you cards

Today we have Wedding Paper Divas style & trend expert, Amber Harrison on our wedding blog with advice on great ways to show your wedding party that you appreciate them!  Amber Harrison is our resident authority on the latest wedding trends and etiquette guidelines. She knows that none of us would be able to imagine our big days without our best friends so, she has rounded up three great ideas for giving the wedding party the praise they deserve! She combines tradition, personal style and the hottest trends to help each couple celebrate their unique love story on their big day (And today she is also helping each couple celebrate their unique wedding party!)

Bridesmaid and Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Your wedding party plays both an emotional and tactical role in your wedding when it comes to the planning and to the celebrating! Let’s face it, you couldn’t do it without them and you wouldn’t want to. Think about the endless scheduling that goes into this role, from the bridal shower, to the bachelor party, the rehearsal dinner and the list goes on! These party members are working hard. They didn’t just agree to have the title of “best man” or “maid of honor” they agreed to a big role! Besides planning, these special people go beyond their roles and listen to the almost newlyweds complain about their horrible mother-in-laws to be!  I mean, they’re practically holding the show together!  Your wedding party members truly deserve a little credit for all of this and you can make them feel special with even the simplest gestures. Give them some love and show your wedding party just how much you appreciate them.

Here’s how:

  1. Plan a special outing: Treat your wedding party to a day that has nothing to do with planning. You could do a spa day, a concert, anything, really. You’ll both enjoy the break and it’s a great way to spend quality time together.
  2. Give a meaningful gift: It could be a book of favorite photos, some playful cuff links or a piece of jewelry engraved with something special. And don’t underestimate the power of a really heartfelt note.
  3. Give them a shout out: If you’re planning a speech, show your wedding party some love, tell a funny story from the planning process or publicly thank someone who really saved the day.

I promise, your wedding party will appreciate the appreciation and it will make you feel just as good!

I want to hear from you! Post a comment to me below with your questions and I may answer them (anonymously, of course!) in an upcoming episode.

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July 23

Traditional Church Wedding

Today’s traditional wedding features Sabrina and Andrew’s nuptials at the stunning Knowles Chapel, in Florida. This cathedral church has gorgeous arches, high vaulted ceilings, and colorful stained glass.  The natural light that shines through out this church is awe inspiring, and makes for some pretty wedding photography. It’s the perfect place to say, I Do!

We love the warm rose gold and champagne colors within this wedding color palette. Who doesn’t love a sparkly, gold wedding theme? This bold color is great for any season of the year, and can be paired with a variety of color combinations. While traditional, we are smitten with the fun, modern spin this bride and groom added. Luckily for them, they didn’t need to include too many church wedding decorations during the ceremony; this spiritual space speaks for itself.

Say hello to glittery gold bridesmaids dresses and elegant champagne tablescapes.

Photography Credit: Sivan Photography

champagne gold bridesmaid dresses with a white gold flower bouquet

exterior of a catholic cathedral for a wedding ceremony

bride in white wedding dress hugs her mom in a blue mother of the bride dress

happy groom with smiling groomsmen getting ready for the ceremony

gold and white wedding theme with bridesmaids around bride

classic elegant wedding at a catholic church venue for ceremony

champagne and black wedding party standing in front of a classic church cathedral wedding venue

catholic wedding church at rollins college |Knowles chapel

classic white catholic church wedding venue for ceremony and reception

elegant gold and white tablescape at a wedding reception with tall floral bouquets as the centerpiece

wedding paper divas gold and white menu for a reception dinner with glittery gold tablescape

photography shot of a gold and white wedding cake with gold accent piece pictures behind

bride and groom kissing at dusk for wedding photography

bride and groom kissing as they exit their wedding reception


July 21

Tips For Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

wedding guests

Today we have Wedding Paper Divas style & trend expert, Amber Harrison on our blog with Susan Moynihan of The Honeymoonist sharing some helpful tips for planning your perfect honeymoon. Amber is our resident authority on the latest wedding trends and etiquette guidelines. She combines tradition, personal style and the hottest trends to help each couple celebrate their unique love story on their big day.

Hi friends!

On this episode of Small talk. Big day. I was so excited to have Susan Moynihan, the founder of the boutique travel company The Honeymoonist, chatting with me about one of the more exciting aspects of wedding planning…the honeymoon! Before starting The Honeymoonist, Susan was editor in chief of a national destination-wedding magazine, so she has insight into what really works for couples and what some of the hottest destinations are today. Here are some of my favorite honeymoon planning tips from our conversation together:

The Timing is Up to You
There really are no rules! Some couples plan their trip soon after the wedding while others delay a few months to accommodate their schedules or wait for more ideal weather. If you’re having a destination wedding, you can start the honeymoon almost right away and just move to a new hotel or new island. If you’re planning an out-of-town honeymoon shortly after your wedding, it would be best to give yourself a few days to recover from all the festivities (trust me, you’ll be exhausted!). Overall, the timing really depends on what works for you and your lifestyles – just be sure to do it within six months of the wedding or you may never get around to it!

Plan on Some Downtime

Your honeymoon is a different kind of trip; you’ll remember it for the rest of your lives and it’s really a chance to spend quality time with your new husband or wife. Many couples make the mistake of simply planning too many activities during their honeymoon and tiring themselves out. You can certainly see new things and explore on your honeymoon, just make sure you set aside time to relax – think laying by the pool, getting massages or simply having breakfast in bed. Those simple moments with your honey will be ones you’ll never forget.

Bora Bora and Southeast Asia are Hot Honeymoon Spots
Bora Bora is super popular right now; it’s the honeymoon dream! Couples just love the overwater bungalows, the sparkling blue water and the romantic vibe. For couples looking to go more exotic, Southeast Asia is huge. You can do multi-country tours of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and more. This is perfect for couples who really want to see and experience the world on their honeymoon and is best suited for those who have a little more vacation time at their disposal.

Small Cruises are a Great Option
Cruise honeymoons are perfect for couples who want to experience multiple locations with minimal stress. Smaller, luxury ships are more optimal than megaships (days on a ship with thousands of partiers and families doesn’t exactly scream romantic). There are some great small cruise options in amazing places like Mekong River in China or the Galapagos Islands. You can even end your time with a few days in a luxurious hotel on land for an ultra-relaxing vacation.

No matter where you go or what you decide to do, your honeymoon is all about spending quality time with your honey. Soak up every bit of it!


For more inspiration and tips, visit www.smalltalkbigday.com

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July 20

Rustic Glamour Bridal Shower Ideas

A bridal shower is the perfect occasion to shower the bride with love and to have a little fun! A bride is confronted with many big decisions to make when it comes to her big day and those planning her shower have big decisions to make as well! With so many fun bridal shower ideas, themes, and color schemes out there it can be very difficult to choose the perfect fit for the special bride-to-be. Don’t panic! We have everything you need to get inspired with these unforgettable rustic glamour bridal shower ideas. First, think themes, colors, and invitations! We really wanted the theme to represent the almost Mrs. so we decided to go with a rustic look. We didn’t want to be too countryside so we stayed classic with white and glammed up where we could with party glasses and other décor.

rustic glamour bridal shower ideas collage of bridal shower invitations and bridal shower decorations
Photo Source: Cake | Sofa | Glasses | Dress | Succulents | Cabinet | Cupcake Liners

Featured Bridal Shower Invitation: Rustic Glamour Shower Invitations. See our full collection of bridal shower invitations here.

  • Cake: Muted green, tasty, and classic! This cake has it all, add cake decorations like these white flowers for an even more special touch.
  • Sofa: This statement piece can make any shower feel rustic and antique-y. A sofa is a great way to incorporate your shower colors in a big way.
  • Glasses: Glam up your shower with some elegant glasses that make for beautiful décor.
  • Dress: Shower the almost Mrs. in a special way with some fashion! Style the bride-to-be in a beautiful lacy and delicate dress!
  • Succulents: Adding some floral décor is always a good idea. Look for flowers or even plants that are in bloom during the shower and pick one some that go with the color scheme. Here, we chose some beautiful succulents!
  • Cabinet: What another great way to really make a statement! Add some more of your colors to the shower with a cabinet. Then glam the cabinet up with beautiful dish ware.
  • Cupcake Liners: Add a cute and easy theme related touch to the tasty treats at the shower! Patterned liners like polka dots are another great way to add more fun to the shower!

With this inspiration we made beautiful and unique choice by going with a muted green color scheme. This color shouts dainty and classic and is easy to incorporate in almost all of the bridal shower decorations. Not to mention, the invitations for a shower are a sort of “sneak peak” of what the day will be like. These stunningly rustic bridal shower invitations are the perfect way to excite the guests and give them a taste of the shower to come. There is really no other way to honor the almost Mrs! Get the theme, color scheme, and decorations right with this inspiration that we love and we hope you enjoy too!


July 19

Wedding Theme Ideas for Chalkboard Wedding Invitations

Every girl dreams of the day she will say those two little words that mean forever. When I say she’s dreaming, I’m not just talking about the hunk at the end of the aisle. I’m talking perfecting every little detail from the cake topper to cutesy wedding centerpieces and sweet thank yous. I’m talking endless pinning on Pinterest and long talks with girlfriends about what her big day will be like. When it comes to wedding planning it’s of course important to keep in mind the theme, color and season, but you will also want to keep on top of current trends. A trend the Wedding Paper Diva’s are saying “I do” to is the classic and sweet chalkboard theme. From a hand drawn chalkboard sign and endless wedding decoration ideas to menus and thank yous for the guests, wedding chalkboard themes continue to be a hit on the wedding scene and in a big way! It’s no wonder why either, the beautiful chalk script writing adds a classic darling touch and the boards are versatile as well as reusable making them that much more of a great idea!

wedding theme ideas inspiration board with chalkboard wedding invitationsPhoto Source: Wedding Centerpieces | Bouquet | Wedding Cake | Thank you Signs | Menu

Featured Tiny Prints Chalkboard Themed Program: Chalked Beauty Programs

See our full collection of Wedding Programs here.

  • Wedding Centerpieces: It’s all in the details. This centerpiece is the perfect and easy way to add just the right touch of pretty n’ pink to your big day. With this piece, we not only get more color splash, but also a fun way to welcome the love between the couple with a heart chalkboard sign including the first initials of the newly weds. What a cute idea!
  • Bouquet: For floral inspiration look to the season blooms. The Campanella garden roses, coral charm peonies, light purple clematis, lisianthus, ranuculus, and spray roses in this bouquet make for a classic and sophisticated look.
  • Wedding Cake: Who doesn’t love cake? This cake topper says it all and ties into the unique wedding invitations.
  • Framed Chalkboard Thank You Signs: Are you loving the framed chalkboard? Well we are! This is a great use of the chalkboard script and what a cute way to thank your guests!
  • Wedding Menu Cards: All heads turn when it comes to food! The trendy and simple menu uses beautiful chalkboard script to let all guests know what’s for dinner! What a great match for our chalkboard wedding invitations!

Turn your dreams into reality with this chalked up beauty inspiration board.  Wedding planning and dreaming is all about discovering the best reflection of your style. With this soft, subtle and pretty n’ pink inspiration that takes advantage of some beautiful chalkboard wedding invitations, you brides to be better be prepared to impress! We know you are in need of some wedding ideas for summer and we are loving this theme, especially for this hot, hot season! Now go get inspired girls and make your dreams a reality the day you say “I Do!”


July 15

Murrieta’s Well Winery Wedding in Livermore California

This week’s Real Wedding features Lauren and Scott’s formal celebration at the beautiful Murrieta’s Well winery in Livermore, California.

In Scott’s own words…

April 12, 2015 was a perfect day. I got married to my beautiful bride on our three-year anniversary, and we couldn’t have asked for a better setting or better weather. We did a ton of research on the venue, taking into account our somewhat small guest as well as some of the more important items that I was in charge of – food, drinks and music!

We were surrounded by our closest friends and family. My father, father-in-law and brothers-in-law looked good in our all black-and-white tuxes…if I do say so myself. It was the ideal atmosphere for the “look” we were going for.

My wife-to-be looked enchanting, and it’s a day I wish I could relive!

In Lauren’s own words…

Scott and I tied the knot on our three year anniversary and I truly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. From the location and weather to all the little details in between, I’m happy to report that our big day went off without a hitch (pun intended!).

From early on in the planning process Scott and I knew that we wanted…

  • A small, black-tie affair. Who doesn’t love getting dressed up?!
  • Destination. Most of our guests were traveling from afar (15 states and 2 countries!) and we wanted them to turn their trip to California into a vacation for themselves.
  • A winery wedding, complete with barrel room. Murrieta’s Well in Livermore, CA was the perfect fit due to its quaintness and over-the-top charm.
  • Delicious food and drinks (insert winery).
  • Awesome music! Scott and I love all types of music, so we chose to have string musicians throughout the ceremony and cocktail hour, and a popular local band got the party started after dinner.

After that, all of the details just fell into place. We had amazing photographer, Joe Krummel who flew out from Minneapolis (my hometown) to capture our special day.

murrieta's well wedding

I found the most beautiful royal blue flats while on a trip home to Minneapolis, and I knew instantly that they would be my “something blue.” They also got bonus points for being comfortable, and helped me dance the night away!

murrieta's well weddingmurrieta's well weddingmurrieta's well wedding

Working for a fabulous company like Wedding Paper Divas I was able to find a wedding invitation suite that complemented the look and feel we were trying to achieve. Blooming Together had the right mix of watercolor and elegance, and it paired beautifully with peacock feathers.

murrieta's well weddingmurrieta's well wedding

Customization was key! We were able to work with Wedding Paper Divas designers to create personalized wine menus, coasters for our pre-ceremony cocktail hour and #SelfieStick station signs (complete with our hashtag) from our wedding invitation design. Since we both work in social media the social coverage at our wedding was important, plus it was a blast scrolling through all the photos the next day!

murrieta's well wedding

Scott and I decided to write our own vows – it was another thing that helped make our big day extra personal. It was so touching for both of us to hear what the other wrote, and surprisingly (or not) we both said a lot of the same things…a moment we’ll never forget!

murrieta's well wedding murrieta's well wedding murrieta's well wedding

At the end of the day one of our favorite moments was walking into the reception together and seeing all of our closest family and friends celebrating. It reminded us what wonderful people we have in our lives and we would love to celebrate like that every weekend (if we could!). #BecomingKegley part two will need to be a vow renewal ceremony. Hawaii, anyone?

Do you have a Real Wedding or Engagement Submission? We would LOVE to see it! Please see our submission guidelines here and we hope to hear from you!